Photo: Morgan Staangstad
Photo: Morgan Staangstad
Photo: Ólafur Kiljan Ólafsson
Photo: Ólafur Kiljan Ólafsson
Hi, and thanks for looking!
My name is Martine and I'm a Freelance Illustrator, artist and Designer from Norway.
My work is like me, it changes from day to day, after mood, Feelings and situations . But most of my work is a mix of surreal, Weird, dark and cute - shifting between serious and humorous ( sometimes both).  I like to create for others, but also need to express own ideas and thoughts through my work, 
- anyhow I will put my heart into it. 

My Background:
I have been enjoying drawing and creating as long as i can remember, It makes me fall into my own little world. Even though I have always loved being creative, doesn't that mean that it has been a straight line to where I am today.  
I've grown up on a small place called Ålgård In Rogaland, Norway. In high school I studied arts and crafts 1st year, interior- and exhibition design 2nd year and Interior 3rd year. My plan was to become an interior designer so I moved to Bergen and studiet Furniture and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture at Bergen Academy of Art and Design for 2 years. But all I wanted was to draw, so I quit and moved to Oslo to study Illustration at Kristiania University College. After completing my 2 years there, was i still looking to learn more so I moved to Southampton, UK . I'm finished with my bachelor in Illustration/ visual arts at Solent University summer 2020. 
Right now I'm based In Oslo, looking for what the future will bring me.
- Martine x 
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